Sunday, March 17, 2013

What a great time!!!

Big BIG thanks to Elena for working so hard to make our dreams come true.  I woke up this morning to a cup of coffee in my Manhattan apartment and it just felt so LONELY after being with my art sisters all week.

People often say they wish they could meet up with their online friends, but it seldom happens because no one is willing or able to take on the huge task of organizing, planning, cajoling, schlepping, and doing all the legwork involved in making something like this happen.  We are so lucky to have Elena, who has done all that and more for the past four years.  What an amazing lady!  And as if that wasn't enough, she gave us an INCREDIBLE goody bag, filled with TWO sizes of gelli plates, stamps,  stencils, papers, a paper cutter, and, of course, the best glue EVERRRRR.

Special thanks to our pillow fairy sisters for the nightly treats. We added them right into our artwork!  Hope you girls will be able to join us next year.  And to everyone who cooked, cleaned, taught, sent products, shopped, and made us smile --THANK YOU.

I hope everyone will post their best pictures in the files on the group so we can print, download, and add to those journals we started in Key Largo.  I'll miss you girls. Ring us up when you come to NYC!!!  xoxo teri


  1. I feel the same way. Missing all of you. Had such a wonderful time and Elena is the best hostess EVER!!! If anyone heads down to New Orleans let me know. Would love to see you!

  2. Karen, I keep hearing your sweet southern accent in my head, after sitting next to you for five days. Love it!!

  3. The week flew by, but thanks to this blog I will always have something to bring sunshine and smiles to my day! Thanks so much to the friends who came and those who came in spirit for warming my art heart! Elena, what an amazing woman you are--I am so grateful to have you in my life. Thanks so much for so many things!

  4. These pictures were great Teri. Thanks for sharing. Elena and I NEED new cameras. I discovered this here at Nikon school. So yesterday I told her maybe she and I should fly to NYC for a photography weekend. Eileen, Pat, Teri would you be interested I joining us around the city as we shoot away? I can teach! Hugs.

    1. Omg YES I would love a photo weekend!! I hope we can really do that-- and before August!

    2. Oh, yes! And when you find out what sort of camera we should have, please let me know. I've had mine for years and years. I keep trying to kill it to justify getting a new one, but the sucker refuses to die. Hah!

  5. A million THANKS to Elena for hosting our fourth magical week of bliss. Thank you to all of my dear friends for pulling together to make everything run smoothly! I loved all the yummy meals, drinks, chocolates, and seeing all of your wonderful creations day after day.
    Of course, my favorite night was dancing at the Marlin! So glad we know the owners now!
    I miss you all and hope your soundtrack CDs bring back fabulous memories!
    Love and hugs,
    Jen oxox

  6. Thanks for posting photos so quickly Teri. I'll be a little delayed with mine. Have to do some mom stuff (she looks well and is ready to be discharged); still haven't unpacked, and am trying to once again get used to having coffee in my living room instead of outdoors on the water.
    Miss everyone!!!!!

  7. Hey Bitches......wus up eh?.....
    DID i just say that ?????
    See ,how your influence wears off on me ...LOL
    Glad your all home safe.
    I got in around 5 pm on Saturday
    Really good flights this time.
    Back to cold weather and snow everywhere. Yuk
    Elena .....the best retreat yet seriously, out did yourself this year.
    DUDE!!!!! Your frikin amazing !!!!!
    Thank you so very much! I had a wonderful time .
    Your the best est everrrrrrrrrr !!!!
    Bernie .... I'm so glad you bought a restaurant and learned to cook.
    The ribs and Cuban sandwiches ...the flan and key lime pie were the best THANKYOU!!!!!!
    Jacquie you Maaa vel ous... darling....thanks for your hospitality and kindness. and belated Mothers Day ... Luca is a sweety !!
    The Pillow Fairies...your love was felt but we missed you this year!!!!
    Ladies.....Really had a great time with yaall.
    Thanks so much for the great little workshops...the fine dining....
    All the gifties and wonderful birthday them all.
    Jen ...the soundtrack music was great again this year.
    Carla your a fun gal ...glad to meet you . Mighty fine dancin too !!!!
    Daisy were such a GREAT room buddy sweety !!, I enjoyed your company
    Not the snoring ,mind you....... JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

    As you can tell im still on a high!!
    Miss you all

    1. Lill, did you really say "bitches?" WTF???? Who are you and what did you do to Lillian? LOL! Seriously, you sound great and obviously we were an excellent influence on you (and your vocabulary). :))