Sunday, March 17, 2013

What a great time!!!

Big BIG thanks to Elena for working so hard to make our dreams come true.  I woke up this morning to a cup of coffee in my Manhattan apartment and it just felt so LONELY after being with my art sisters all week.

People often say they wish they could meet up with their online friends, but it seldom happens because no one is willing or able to take on the huge task of organizing, planning, cajoling, schlepping, and doing all the legwork involved in making something like this happen.  We are so lucky to have Elena, who has done all that and more for the past four years.  What an amazing lady!  And as if that wasn't enough, she gave us an INCREDIBLE goody bag, filled with TWO sizes of gelli plates, stamps,  stencils, papers, a paper cutter, and, of course, the best glue EVERRRRR.

Special thanks to our pillow fairy sisters for the nightly treats. We added them right into our artwork!  Hope you girls will be able to join us next year.  And to everyone who cooked, cleaned, taught, sent products, shopped, and made us smile --THANK YOU.

I hope everyone will post their best pictures in the files on the group so we can print, download, and add to those journals we started in Key Largo.  I'll miss you girls. Ring us up when you come to NYC!!!  xoxo teri

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Everything ready!!

All we need is YOU!!

And I'm grateful for this little guy, Liam Glenn, a gift from God via in vitro fertilization in August 2012.  AND God has graced her with two more, identical twins, due later this year.  (That is my daughter Allison, son Ben, and their dad.)

YEAH!!!! KEYS 4 ART 2013!!!

Okay, so technically it doesn't start until tomorrow!  But Jen is here and we are getting the key to the house today and taking everything over there (thank God we have two pick up trucks!) and setting it all up!!!

Very excited!!!  Lil comes in late tonight and everyone else comes in tomorrow!!!

Can't wait!!!

Hope everyone is packed and ready!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

KEYS 4 ART 2014!!!

Here is the plan for 2014!!!

Sorry it's in three videos!!!  Thoughts come and go at my age!

And then I thought.........

So, finally.....

Eileen, Sue, Teri, Pat, Myself.... already confirmed!!!  Hurry if you want IN!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Speaking of next year....Next year's retreat dates are:  March 23, 2014- March 29, 2014.  Mark your calendars now!!!! 


Yes, the days are just flying by!!  I wish you guys could be a fly on the wall to see everything that I am doing here!!!  I feel like one of those little queen ants that just does not stop!!  LMAO!!  Better to be a queen than a dunce right????  And I can not START to tell you how much I am enjoying this!!!!

So.... let's see what today's posting is.......hmmmmmm....... 

I got it!!!
The new Ideology Configuration Book!!!  How damned cute is this!!!????   Again I had trouble finding it because no one has them and again I was saved by the wonderful Kim at Eclectic Paperie!!!

Too sweet! 

I have no idea what size these are but they look so cute for altering I just could not resist!

What is going to be awful is that there is no way I can make next year any better than this year!

SO FAIR WARNING!!!!  Next year will not be like this!!!  

Monday, March 4, 2013


Can you smell the ocean yet????  Can you feel the breeze of the the wonderful island of Key Largo??? Can you taste the key lime????

So... I wasn't going to post this one, I was going to leave it as a surprise (since very few stores have it for sale yet I think!!!)..... but you know I SUCK at surprises!!!

So.....   drum roll please!!!!

One of my favorites this year and one I have been wanting since I saw it....

Yep!!!!  The new Dylusions stencils!!!  I have been lusting after these since I saw them on a youtube film taken at CHA!!!!

The wonderful Kim from Eclectic Paperie made it happen for us!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is everyone packed?????

A week now and we will be drinking our mango mojitos by the pool, enjoying Arroz Imperial from the Marlin and enjoying each other's company!!!   WOO HOO!!!

Soooo?????   Is everyone packed and ready?   Lil is coming in Friday night, Jen is coming in early Saturday morning and everyone else on Sunday!   


Any questions?   Comments?????  Everyone know exactly what to bring????  I will be in court every single day this week (Tuesday afternoon I will be in Jacquie's office for a mediation!).  My time will be awfully limited this coming week but please let me know if there is anything you guys need me to do!!!

Molotow Markers ENABLER ALERT

As you know I have always been a Teesha Moore fan.  I love her work and zetti is probably the most relaxing style of art I have ever done.  

When I took the PLAY class with Teesha she used the Sharpie Water Based Poster Pen Paints.  I bought a ton of them when I took her class and when there was a rumor that they were going to be discontinued I literally bought HUNDREDS of them!!  LOL!!!  (of course they were never discontinued!!).

My one complaint about the Sharpies has always been that the color palette was very limited.  Well, Teesha is now working with new markers from Germany called MOLOTOW MARKERS.  

The colors are vibrant and fabulous and I plan to buy every single color in both the 2mm and the 4mm size!!!

Check them out!

What do we do with all those gelli plate papers???

I have an idea.  We are all getting a couple of large sheets of acrylic paper.  I am thinking that we can cut the paper the appropriate size, paint it with the gelli plate and then use it to make one of Teesha's journal books.  They are very very easy to make and I really think it would come out absolutely fabulous with the gelli plate technique on both sides.

Here is the first and second video on making Teesha's journal.  I will provide a printout on the technique in case you guys want to join me in making this!

Part 1

And Part 2

It is simple and the result is a really great and quick journal with awesome backgrounds already done!

DAY I forgot to post on day!!!

Wow!!!  A week from today?????    We are almost here!  Well, actually YOU are almost here!  I already am!

So let's see..... what do I post today?  I had my grand daughters here since Friday and they tend to leave me brain dead.

Let me look at the list.......

Oh yes,,,,, washi tape.... lots and lots of washi tape!!!  I LOVE WASHI TAPE...... Don't you????

I thought we could use it for our new little May Road book.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

DAY 8.BR!!!

Okay, so this year's craze for us will be the gelli plates right?????  I have been watching videos and am PSYCHED!!

In a lot of the videos they use these fab wedges on the paint to make designs.  Well of course we could not be any less cool than anyone else so we all have a wedge to play with!!!  There are a bunch of different ones so we can share and then take one home to play with!

How creative are WE??????

Can you imagine how much wonderful paper we will make?  I think we will need an extra box to take home with just the background paper we create!!!  LOL!!!