Sunday, March 3, 2013

What do we do with all those gelli plate papers???

I have an idea.  We are all getting a couple of large sheets of acrylic paper.  I am thinking that we can cut the paper the appropriate size, paint it with the gelli plate and then use it to make one of Teesha's journal books.  They are very very easy to make and I really think it would come out absolutely fabulous with the gelli plate technique on both sides.

Here is the first and second video on making Teesha's journal.  I will provide a printout on the technique in case you guys want to join me in making this!

Part 1

And Part 2

It is simple and the result is a really great and quick journal with awesome backgrounds already done!


  1. It is a good idea. I actually did this last week, using watercolor paper - and that's why I said I do not like to use gellis with W/C paper. And yes, if you wet it and then press it, it might be ok. Then again, you are using acrylics, not w/c paints, on the gelli.

  2. I've made Teesha's quick journal and it is wonderful! Of course we want to join you in this!