Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Yes, the days are just flying by!!  I wish you guys could be a fly on the wall to see everything that I am doing here!!!  I feel like one of those little queen ants that just does not stop!!  LMAO!!  Better to be a queen than a dunce right????  And I can not START to tell you how much I am enjoying this!!!!

So.... let's see what today's posting is.......hmmmmmm....... 

I got it!!!
The new Ideology Configuration Book!!!  How damned cute is this!!!????   Again I had trouble finding it because no one has them and again I was saved by the wonderful Kim at Eclectic Paperie!!!

Too sweet! 

I have no idea what size these are but they look so cute for altering I just could not resist!

What is going to be awful is that there is no way I can make next year any better than this year!

SO FAIR WARNING!!!!  Next year will not be like this!!!  


  1. These are adorable! I love it. Elena you are a Queen!!!

  2. What could be better next year? Dancing men who will give us massages all day long!! This is too cool!

  3. You say that every year but you always outdo yourself. I'm with Pat on the dancing men giving massages. That would be awesome. They could paint us with body paint so that art would be involved. LOL

  4. I think Karen is onto something there. Elena, you have a year to round up the men.

  5. In my excitement over massage giving, dancing men I forgot to mention how much I love the configurations book! I've seen some cool projects done with it; try google to see if you all can find any.

  6. Ooohhh this is so cool!!!!!

    Thank u Elena!!!

    Ré dancing men, I put my request in now for Cuban or Italian.

  7. I have seen these on Pintrest and was going to order one. Now I don't have to, thank you Elena!!!

  8. Absolutely fabulous! Never seen it before, but knowing I"m going to see it in person makes me very HAPPY.