Sunday, March 3, 2013

DAY I forgot to post on day!!!

Wow!!!  A week from today?????    We are almost here!  Well, actually YOU are almost here!  I already am!

So let's see..... what do I post today?  I had my grand daughters here since Friday and they tend to leave me brain dead.

Let me look at the list.......

Oh yes,,,,, washi tape.... lots and lots of washi tape!!!  I LOVE WASHI TAPE...... Don't you????

I thought we could use it for our new little May Road book.  


  1. Ooooooohhhhhhj! Really?!?!?
    You are insatiable!!!

  2. I am ADDICTED to washi tape. I can NEVER have enough. Love that!!

  3. Yes, I am an addict too. Love the stuff and can't get enough of it! Thank you!