Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is everyone packed?????

A week now and we will be drinking our mango mojitos by the pool, enjoying Arroz Imperial from the Marlin and enjoying each other's company!!!   WOO HOO!!!

Soooo?????   Is everyone packed and ready?   Lil is coming in Friday night, Jen is coming in early Saturday morning and everyone else on Sunday!   


Any questions?   Comments?????  Everyone know exactly what to bring????  I will be in court every single day this week (Tuesday afternoon I will be in Jacquie's office for a mediation!).  My time will be awfully limited this coming week but please let me know if there is anything you guys need me to do!!!


  1. Just to remember old newspaper or red rosin paper to put Gelli prints on, spray bottles, baby wipes, deli paper , paper towels
    This will be messy but so fun!
    Cannot wait to be there!!!xo

  2. No, I'm not packed. But I have stuff all over the place, waiting to get packed into one suitcase. My husband will be glad when I leave because things will be a little tidier. On the other hand, he'll have to walk the dog, feed the pets, and clean out the litter box. So maybe not quite so glad.

  3. I am a last minute packer, so no. But I am a very organized list maker, so I do know exactly what needs to be packed. I'm happy to have been able to cross many things off the list that I sent ahead. This year there might actually be some room in my suitcase for clothes. LOL!