Saturday, December 29, 2012

Congratulations, Carla!

Late on Thursday night I was in bed flipping through the current issue of Somerset Studio, getting ready to dream in vibrant colors, when I found a surprise on page 124. There in aqua, black and white is the very cool tag made by Carla. She totally rocked the Empire State Building! Great job, Carla!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


This is really a simple process despite being a little time consuming.

My idea is that we will start the initial "design" and we can all work on it during out down time.  That way you can do a little each day and really enjoy the process which is quite relaxing.

Okay, this is what you need.

You need a canvas (I will buy all the canvasses so you guys do not have to lug them).  The size on the canvas depends on you.  You can do it any size you want.  I would suggest we do a 12 x 12 which is not too big and not too small.

Now you need a picture.  I used a picture of my dad.  You can use ANYTHING.  For example, during the class that Jacquie and I took, there was a lady who did a LONG canvas and used a picture of the Miami Skyline.  The artist who taught the class does canvasses of high heels!!!  The picture has to be in color.  You will not actually use the picture on the canvas but I would suggest you not print it less than 8x10.  PRINT THE PICTURE ON REGULAR COPY PAPER.

Let me see if I can explain the process:

You will take the picture and divide it into 4 equal sections.  You will also use a pencil to divide the canvas into 4 equal sections.  You will then use a pencil to sketch those sections onto the canvas.  You don't need to know how to DRAW.  Just to sketch the basic figure.  By dividing both the picture and the canvas into the four equal parts, the sketching is easy.

Now comes the use of magazines.  You will be cutting small pieces of paper from the magazines that are the same as or similar to the COLOR TONES on your picture.  For example, to make my dad's glasses I tore out some black lines.  So I really can't tell you to just bring pages.  I think the best thing is to bring magazines.  You can ship them in one of those priority boxes that you can fill to the brim for a set price and ship them here.

At the beginning you only see a mess but as you put the pieces together your image emerges.  It's really quite an extraordinary and RELAXING experience.

The other two things you need are a bristle brush (1 and 2 inch) and most importantly LIQUITEX GLOSS MEDIUM AND VARNISH fluid medium.  I would suggest you buy a big bottle because you will use a lot of it. Again, you can order it and send it here.  You really don't want that thing to open or explode in your suit case!  LOL!!!

That's it!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Carla is coming!!! Woohoo! As you guys know she has been part of our group for years but has never been able to join us.

I am thrilled to let you know that she will be joining us for Keys 4 Art 2013!!


Thats a perfect number yes??

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Finalizing Classes

Can you believe Keys4Art2013 is little more than three months away!  Me neither.  Well, I looked over past posts here and on our group, and I think these are all the proposed classes.  I believe we have enough, but if I left someone out, please shout.  There are a few classes I'm unsure of the needed time, so add that if it's your class.

Quickie Bookbinding:  Eileen   This is more a demo than anything else and requires less than an hour.  Could be an easy after dinner project.  Just need scrap paper and adhesive, which something tells me Elena has plenty of.  :)

Portrait Magazine Collage:  Elena, Jacquie.  How much time needed?  Any tips for what to look for in magazines?  I was thinking it might be easier for travel if we tore appropriate pages out instead of lugging full magazines.

Plaster Journal:  Jacquie   Time needed?   Supplies we need to bring?

Transfer Bird Painting:  Eileen   We took this Dina Wakely class and it was a three hour class, so one morning or afternoon would be fine.  Supplies needed:  8x10 canvas board (board, not a wrapped canvas) or 8x10 good quality watercolor paper, favorite paints, (including white and brown) brushes, a couple of favorite stencils, rub-ons, and/or rubber stamps, #2 pencil.

Deli Wrap Paper techniques:  Pat, Eileen  This could be an all day affair, or altered to fit our schedule.  We learned a lot from Anne Bagby.  Eileen has about a gazillion sheet of deli paper, so no one needs to bring that.  We used paints, sprays, inks, stencils, masks, stamps, and lots of texture making items, like corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, etc.  Bring a few and be prepared to share is the best bet.

Stamp Carving:  Pat  carving tools, pink or white carving block, pencils, paper, ink pads   1/2 day class.  Pat, can you specify the size of the carving blocks and how many each person needs?  All supplies are available from most art supply stores.  I know Jerry's Artorama has them.  A very basic and inexpensive carving tool is all that is needed.

Gelliprinting:  Sue, who suggested it could be a casual thing, not even a formal class.  Paper and paint and some blunt mark making tools (anything that is not sharp and won't pierce the gelli plate) are all that is needed.  Anyone who has a gelli plate should bring it, but no need to go out and buy one, unless you really want to.

Alcohol Ink/Rubber Stamp picture:  Daisy  How much time do we need to allocate for this, Daisy? What supplies should we bring?

What do you think?  It seems to me we have a nice variety, can space things out and still have plenty of nice relaxing down time.  But I'd like everyone who is coming to put their two cents in.  Or a nickel, if you have a lot to say.  :)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We are 10 with Jen!!

I am a poet!!!

Got confirmation by our sweet friend Jennifer Rogers-Daniels that she will be joining us in March at the Keys 4 Art Retreat in Key Largo!!!!!

Jen has been with us since the beginning and I know you are all as happy as I am that she will be joining us for our 4th year!!!

I getting so excited about this next retreat!!!

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Hello Everyone!!!

I am back from Cuba and trying to get caught up on everything.  You all know the personal crap I am going through but it's all good.  It will all work out for the best.

Earlier today I asked that everyone who is absolutely certain they are coming to the retreat let me know by this evening.  I've decided to give it another day due to the time changes and the fact that some of our buddies are just not good at keeping up with the group gossip!!!

I have confirmation from:


(better known as the New York Subway Trifecta!)


I am fairly certain that Jen will be here again but have to wait to hear from her and we all know she is usually weeks behind on her email!!  LOL!!!

With Jen we are officially 10 unless I hear from anyone else tomorrow. I will go through the messages and the database in the group and try to organize who is teaching what so we can get the days and times down - leaving plenty of hangout and drink mojitos time too!!

Will keep you posted!!!

Please post any ideas, comments or just come by the blog and say Hi!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Where Is Everyone?

Hey, peeps, where are you?  There are just a handful of us posting and commenting here, and I know there is more than a handful coming to the Keys.  Even if we don't get more ideas for classes, how about some thoughts on the classes already proposed?  I know I don't want to make any decisions for anyone else, so please, go to the post on classes and make your opinion known.  And if you do have an idea for a class you'd like to teach, post it there as well.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello Ladies....

Seems like Keys_4_Art _2013 is coming together.  I cant wait to share another wonderful week in paradise just immersed in art!  Are we all excited????  I know I am.  I am so thankful to Elena for finding a house we can all stay in together.  This house is awesome and it will accommodate us all more comfortably, and together.  We will also have a pool to lounge and relax in between art projects.  I reviewed the contract and the house is costing $4500.00 for the week.  Since there are 15 of us that amounts to $300.00 each.  I think that we should each send Elena $500.00 to assist with SOME of the food and beverage costs.  That amounts to $71.42 a day.  PRICELESS!  Every year Elena spends so much on this week and it is just not fair.  Even with the help she gets from some of us, she breaks the bank getting us supplies, tables, chairs, copies, food, beverages, cleaning crew and then mailing things home for people, etc.  I hope that  I have not overstepped my bounds, and I hope that Elena does not get mad at me...she has no idea (until she reads this) that I have taken this step.  (But I guess payback is a bitch since she volunteered me to teach the collage class without me knowing!  LOL!)  Anyway, its my humble opinion that this contribution for the return is totally reasonable!  Please send your checks, made out to Elena, to Elena so she can meet the financial obligations pursuant to the contract.

Feel free to comment to me privately at if you want/need to.

Thank you Ladies!



I had previously mentioned the collages Elena and Jacquie made but at the time didn't know the name of the artist.  It is Derek Gores, and HERE is a link to his collage work.  It's absolutely beautiful, and I'm very excited to learn this technique.  Thanks Elena and Jacquie!  Should we each save magazines and ship them down before March?  Do we need modge podge and a canvas board?  --teri

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Classes for Our Retreat

There are lots of great ideas about classes floating around. Let's see if we can put those ideas in one place and decide which classes we want. Feel free to list your class here.

 - supplies needed: carving tools, pink or white carving block, pencils, paper, ink pads

ANNE BAGBY DELI PAPER - Eileen & Pat (this is an all-day color fest)
 - supplies needed: deli paper (unwaxed--you must be able to write on it with a pencil), stencils, acrylic paint, and spray paints

BOOKBINDING BY EILEEN (this is a quickie class)
  - supplies needed: watercolor paper, scrap paper, glue

DINA WAKELEY TRANSFER TECHNIQUE - Eileen (could be an all day project)
 - supplies needed: black & white image, pencils, Stabilo Aquarable Pencil, acrylic paints

 - supplies needed: magazine,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Altered House

I love this altered house.

It was done with the Graphic 45 Old Shoppe collection and it is fabulous!  The girl who did the project for Simon Says Stamps says she found this little house in a thrift store for 79 cents!!!  I could hate her but I wont.... not very christian-like!

Anyway, my cousin is an artisan - he makes furniture in Cuba that gets sold all over the world.  I sent him this picture and asked him to make me one. He said it would be very easy to make.  He has all kinds of wonderful wood - teak, oak - all wood that is harvested in Cuba.   He is making it according to this picture but we can "tweak" it to get what we want.

I was thinking that if we always alter something at the retreat - and you all have to be sick of altering the trays right?  Well, maybe he can make one for each of us.  We can decide what collection to use to alter it and have a bunch of goodies there for us to work on it during the week.

What do you think?  Or do you have another idea of something you would like to do.  He will make us whatever we want.

I'm Here!

After a little trouble from blogger, here I am, able to write posts, just as Elena promised.  Yippee!
There are a few things I have in mind to teach at Keys2013, and would love some input.  And I'll have Pat, who took the classes with me to be co-teacher (if she's willling).

First, the using deli wrap paper to make backgrounds that we learned from Anne Bagby last spring.  Loved that!

Next, the birds painting we did with Dina Wakely recently.

The nice thing about these projects is that they don't involve schlepping a lot of heavy supplies.  I don't think anyone would even have to purchase anything.

Can't wait to hear what others have in mind to teach.  Let me know what your thoughts are about the two projects I mentioned.


Friday, October 12, 2012


As we discussed last year, we will be using out same tote bags that Jacquie got us last year.  Just adding this year's patch to it!!!  Remember to bring your bags ladies!!!!  Or go ahead and send it ahead of time so it's here when you get here!

And there is no excuse not to bring bathing suits this time!!!  Part of the pool is under a roof so that you northerners don't roast and nobody will be there but us girls!!!  God this is going to be great!

I have already recruited Bernie to barbeque his baby back ribs for us!


A few more pictures of our retreat home!!  Ladies, I can not tell you how great this property is.  Very excited!!!!!

KEYS 4 ART 2013!!!

These are pictures of our Keys 4 Art 2013 party house!!!!  How AWESOME is this!!!??????


This is the house I rented for our retreat!!!

How great is this!!!!  Yep!!!  All ours from March 10 - March 16!!  A three story house on the water!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


As you know we are hosting our 4th Keys 4 Art Retreat March 11-16 2013!  There are so many things going on and so many things I want to talk about that I decided to open this blog just for our retreat!!  We can post pictures, ideas....   You get the idea!

So I will be back to share some ideas with you!

This blog is open to anyone who wants to follow our experience!  The retreat is full but please feel free to join us for the ride!