Friday, November 2, 2012

Where Is Everyone?

Hey, peeps, where are you?  There are just a handful of us posting and commenting here, and I know there is more than a handful coming to the Keys.  Even if we don't get more ideas for classes, how about some thoughts on the classes already proposed?  I know I don't want to make any decisions for anyone else, so please, go to the post on classes and make your opinion known.  And if you do have an idea for a class you'd like to teach, post it there as well.


  1. I have an idea for a class: the ribbon spine that Sox made for her Medieval Lace journal. Of course, we first have to get Sox to visit the retreat.

  2. I will be attending the retreat. I would like to teach a technique that I learned with Dina Wakely. It is the making of a plaster journal. Elena has seen it and loves it.

  3. Sounds great, Jacquie! I'll be teaching a different Dina Wakely technique. She's great, isn't she?!

  4. Sounds great. Sue is doing something with plaster too, but I'm not sure what.

    I am planning to teach my origami tag book. It's fun to do and can be personalized in a variety of ways, including using collage, rubber stamps, etc. For anyone who wants to use up their leftover Asian journal supplies, that can be another version.