Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finalizing Classes

Can you believe Keys4Art2013 is little more than three months away!  Me neither.  Well, I looked over past posts here and on our group, and I think these are all the proposed classes.  I believe we have enough, but if I left someone out, please shout.  There are a few classes I'm unsure of the needed time, so add that if it's your class.

Quickie Bookbinding:  Eileen   This is more a demo than anything else and requires less than an hour.  Could be an easy after dinner project.  Just need scrap paper and adhesive, which something tells me Elena has plenty of.  :)

Portrait Magazine Collage:  Elena, Jacquie.  How much time needed?  Any tips for what to look for in magazines?  I was thinking it might be easier for travel if we tore appropriate pages out instead of lugging full magazines.

Plaster Journal:  Jacquie   Time needed?   Supplies we need to bring?

Transfer Bird Painting:  Eileen   We took this Dina Wakely class and it was a three hour class, so one morning or afternoon would be fine.  Supplies needed:  8x10 canvas board (board, not a wrapped canvas) or 8x10 good quality watercolor paper, favorite paints, (including white and brown) brushes, a couple of favorite stencils, rub-ons, and/or rubber stamps, #2 pencil.

Deli Wrap Paper techniques:  Pat, Eileen  This could be an all day affair, or altered to fit our schedule.  We learned a lot from Anne Bagby.  Eileen has about a gazillion sheet of deli paper, so no one needs to bring that.  We used paints, sprays, inks, stencils, masks, stamps, and lots of texture making items, like corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, etc.  Bring a few and be prepared to share is the best bet.

Stamp Carving:  Pat  carving tools, pink or white carving block, pencils, paper, ink pads   1/2 day class.  Pat, can you specify the size of the carving blocks and how many each person needs?  All supplies are available from most art supply stores.  I know Jerry's Artorama has them.  A very basic and inexpensive carving tool is all that is needed.

Gelliprinting:  Sue, who suggested it could be a casual thing, not even a formal class.  Paper and paint and some blunt mark making tools (anything that is not sharp and won't pierce the gelli plate) are all that is needed.  Anyone who has a gelli plate should bring it, but no need to go out and buy one, unless you really want to.

Alcohol Ink/Rubber Stamp picture:  Daisy  How much time do we need to allocate for this, Daisy? What supplies should we bring?

What do you think?  It seems to me we have a nice variety, can space things out and still have plenty of nice relaxing down time.  But I'd like everyone who is coming to put their two cents in.  Or a nickel, if you have a lot to say.  :)



  1. Stamp Carving supplies needed:
    -carving blocks 3 or 4: white MasterCarve or Speedball pink rubber (size: 4 x 6)
    -carving tools
    We will use the paints and stamps you bring for other projects.

  2. I could teach my little origami tag book.

    1. Great! Just let us know (on this blog post) what supplies we'll need and how long a class it is.

  3. For the Gelli plate thing... If I just demo some techniques we could just take turns using my plate and Elena's. we'd need brayers too...

    1. I'm bringing my plate as well. We'll need brayers for Pat's stamp carving class so we'll have those.

  4. And for my little butterfly paper engineering tutorial, please bring a rubber stamp of a butterfly (approximate wing span of 3 inches), please bring it. I have one and will share, but it's such a cool trick that you may want to make more once you get home. And the butterfly image will also work with daisy's alcohol technique.
    I'm getting a bit loopy using this blog to keep track of supplies. Perhaps a database on the Yahoo group will provide more flexibility with editing items for the list.