Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello Ladies....

Seems like Keys_4_Art _2013 is coming together.  I cant wait to share another wonderful week in paradise just immersed in art!  Are we all excited????  I know I am.  I am so thankful to Elena for finding a house we can all stay in together.  This house is awesome and it will accommodate us all more comfortably, and together.  We will also have a pool to lounge and relax in between art projects.  I reviewed the contract and the house is costing $4500.00 for the week.  Since there are 15 of us that amounts to $300.00 each.  I think that we should each send Elena $500.00 to assist with SOME of the food and beverage costs.  That amounts to $71.42 a day.  PRICELESS!  Every year Elena spends so much on this week and it is just not fair.  Even with the help she gets from some of us, she breaks the bank getting us supplies, tables, chairs, copies, food, beverages, cleaning crew and then mailing things home for people, etc.  I hope that  I have not overstepped my bounds, and I hope that Elena does not get mad at me...she has no idea (until she reads this) that I have taken this step.  (But I guess payback is a bitch since she volunteered me to teach the collage class without me knowing!  LOL!)  Anyway, its my humble opinion that this contribution for the return is totally reasonable!  Please send your checks, made out to Elena, to Elena so she can meet the financial obligations pursuant to the contract.

Feel free to comment to me privately at if you want/need to.

Thank you Ladies!



  1. Thanks, Jacquie! It's only fair that we share the cost of the retreat, and what a reasonable price for a crafty week in paradise! And yes, I'll still ship a case of my favorite Keurig.

  2. Thanks Jacquie!!! You already know how I feel about this!
    It's going to be great!

  3. Great idea, Jacquie. I'm completely on board with this, and thanks for breaking it down for us. xo

  4. I planned to do just that, so thanks for the reminder. Can't wait to attend your collage class, Ms. Teacher. LOL!