Sunday, December 2, 2012


This is really a simple process despite being a little time consuming.

My idea is that we will start the initial "design" and we can all work on it during out down time.  That way you can do a little each day and really enjoy the process which is quite relaxing.

Okay, this is what you need.

You need a canvas (I will buy all the canvasses so you guys do not have to lug them).  The size on the canvas depends on you.  You can do it any size you want.  I would suggest we do a 12 x 12 which is not too big and not too small.

Now you need a picture.  I used a picture of my dad.  You can use ANYTHING.  For example, during the class that Jacquie and I took, there was a lady who did a LONG canvas and used a picture of the Miami Skyline.  The artist who taught the class does canvasses of high heels!!!  The picture has to be in color.  You will not actually use the picture on the canvas but I would suggest you not print it less than 8x10.  PRINT THE PICTURE ON REGULAR COPY PAPER.

Let me see if I can explain the process:

You will take the picture and divide it into 4 equal sections.  You will also use a pencil to divide the canvas into 4 equal sections.  You will then use a pencil to sketch those sections onto the canvas.  You don't need to know how to DRAW.  Just to sketch the basic figure.  By dividing both the picture and the canvas into the four equal parts, the sketching is easy.

Now comes the use of magazines.  You will be cutting small pieces of paper from the magazines that are the same as or similar to the COLOR TONES on your picture.  For example, to make my dad's glasses I tore out some black lines.  So I really can't tell you to just bring pages.  I think the best thing is to bring magazines.  You can ship them in one of those priority boxes that you can fill to the brim for a set price and ship them here.

At the beginning you only see a mess but as you put the pieces together your image emerges.  It's really quite an extraordinary and RELAXING experience.

The other two things you need are a bristle brush (1 and 2 inch) and most importantly LIQUITEX GLOSS MEDIUM AND VARNISH fluid medium.  I would suggest you buy a big bottle because you will use a lot of it. Again, you can order it and send it here.  You really don't want that thing to open or explode in your suit case!  LOL!!!

That's it!


  1. Great. I have two jars of gloss medium, 3/4 full, that I seldom use. Varnish fluid medium - I don't know what that is. But I'll look for it.

  2. Teri, it's Liquitex Gloss Varnish. The varnish is very thin--great for a top coat. At CREATE I took a journal class and the instructor used the matte varnish to add a lovely finish to the page.
    Now all I gotta do is find an image.

  3. Sounds like fun, and something I'd love to do. I have the Liquitex matte medium, so I'll be ordering and sending to you the gloss and the varnish.
    And trying to pick an image to use.