Saturday, March 1, 2014

We are in March!!!!

When we first start putting the retreat together, it seems like it is so far away.  Sometimes I tell myself that it's too soon to start.  And then, all of a sudden, it's here!  Unfortunately, like every event that you look forward to, it goes by very quickly.  We are so blessed to have this event to look forward to every year.
We are truly blessed to have forged the kind of friendship that we have.   The most amazing part about it, is that we are so involved in each others lives throughout the year, that getting together for a week is just the highlight of that year.
This year will be just as great as the previous years.  Our retreat has evolved from the first one we had in 2010 which was four days in my house.  We have been blessed with wonderful artists who have not only come to teach us, but who have been influential in the evolution of our art.  We all have different strengths, and we each complement each other.  
I am very grateful for the opportunity to share this week with all of you, and I'm so looking forward to March 22!


  1. I know we all feel the same. And as I sit here, waiting for yet another snowstorm to begin, all I can say is: MARCH 22, GET YOUR ASS HERE NOW!!!!!!!

  2. Yep,I so agree with Eileen!!!
    WE are blessed to have YOU,Elena!
    This week of friendship ,art,food and general craziness is just the BEST thing to look forward to!
    XO Sue

  3. And for some of us, hoping to ship boxes of supplies and goodies, it's getting here REALLY soon! This retreat is the absolute highlight of my year. And this year I plan to spend LOTS of time by the pool. I need time to decompress, defrost my bones, and reset my psyche.