Wednesday, March 5, 2014

packing/sharing supplies ?s

Hi Ladies...I posted this on Wiggio but am also posting it here,since some people don't seem to get the Wiggio posts...

Just trying to get a box ready to be shipped down...just double checking on a few things,to save packing space(cause I am staying on as usual in Siesta Key,hence my suitcase will be fuller than most!) brain is still in Africa,I think!

So,if I remember,Elena got enough duck cloth for everyone,but we still all bring our own muslin?

Eileen,do we all need to bring our Gelli plates for your washi tape lesson,or can we share?  Same for the Pearl Ex???(What if everyone brings a different color instead of everyone packing faves are True Blue and Spring Green...I'll bring those or one of them)

We don't need to bring acrylic paint?...I remember Lill sent some down??

Anyone want to share my Silks acrylic blue and greens? I have Iris Petal and Ocean Wave blues,and Olive Vine...

Daisy,I don't see what we need for your cuff class???

Anyone else need to share stuff,let me know...I'll be glad to do it!
thanks.XO Sue

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