Friday, March 7, 2014


Can you BELIEVE it?????  I am so tempted to post pictures of all this "stuff" but I really want it all to be a surprise this year (for a change)!!! 

I was wondering how I was going to get it all organized and done by the 22nd but I have enlisted my staff and they are all IN!!  LOL!!! Thank God for good friends!

The weather promises to be amazing.  There is a sign they sell here that says "A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of working."  Well, likewise, "a bad weather day with my friends is better than a good weather day without them!"  The weather is supposed to be in the low to mid 70s in the evening and low to mid 80s during the day so we will have lots of pool time!!!  DON'T TELL ME YOU DONT' WANT TO WEAR A BATHING SUIT!!!  LOL!!! Who the hell CARES that we don't have perfect bodies!!??  We are here to have fun and there will be nobody there but us!!!

Let's see.... what CAN I tell you???????  Okay, I can give you one (you KNEW I couldn't resist right?).  Though I am getting nervous because I have not received them yet, we will be receiving an entire set of all of Julie's new stamps!  They are much smaller than her other ones and absolutely perfect for making cards and tags.  I think you will love them as much as I do.

DO NOT bring any glue.  I bought the glue sticks and the Aileen's tacky glue for everyone.  The paper just got here yesterday.  Our journals have been here forever....  Muslin for everyone.... Duck Cloth which I can share (I don't know if it's enough for everyone but there is plenty).

BEAUTIFUL paper pack on its way.  NO - I am not telling you which one!  LOL!!!

What else??? What else??

What are you guys doing???  How are you preparing for your trip?  We have been waiting for it all year and it will go by so darn quickly!!! 


  1. Packing a box of supplies including coffee to be mailed today,,, made my list and checked it twice!
    Working on both Teri's and Eileen's Journey of Dreams journals to have them done by the retreat...
    Can't wait! XO

    1. Ah ha! I was wondering where my little journal was. So glad it's in your talented hands. Can't wait to see it...and you. :)

  2. Hi guys!
    I am working on the envies for TWO 5th ARTiversary CD's. I have one more week of school then Spring Break! I will do my serious packing then. I have a box and every time I read a post about not forgetting something I put it in the box! I need to get my bars of soap! I am so excited about seeing everyone and will bring a new cocktail
    recipe or two to share!
    Jen oxox

  3. i am busy packing also...
    .I have an extra single bed in my room holding my gorgeous new turquoise suitcases i bought for my trip to Spain....OH well thats another story !!!
    Any ways i am gradually filling them with stuff.
    Cant wait to see you all and get my hugs !!!

  4. I was doing what Jen described. Except I had not one, but two boxes. What can I say; I'm an over achiever, LOL. When they were filled I sealed them up and toted them to the post office. I'm thinking (hoping) Elena received them by now. There are still a few things that will go in my suitcase, either because I forgot to pack them, or found/bought them after the boxes shipped. I sent the box of coffee ages ago (and it was received), so probably all I'm bringing with me are personal items, clothes, and a few little somethin' somethins' I wasn't finished with. This week I will pull out the suitcase and begin that process.

    1. Haven't received your boxes yet Eileen. The only one I have so far is Daisy's.

  5. I have been gathering items for a few weeks now based on the supply list and projects we will be doing. I plan to complete this today and get it mailed by Tuesday. I order coffee from Amazon last week so it probably has already been shipped. Can I just say how much I LOVE Amazon!!! I have not packed one thing yet re: personal items. As in my usual fashion, I wait until the last minute!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone. Time passes so quickly, I am going to enjoy every single minute of each day we are together. xoxoxo