Monday, February 25, 2013


I have boxes and boxes of loveliness in my conference room.... I have a list in my head of what I need to do .... I have groceries to buy..... I have wonderful things to organize for you ..... how the HELL am I supposed to focus on work????  LOL!!!

I have this issue with "focus".....  A week before Thanksgiving my mind goes to "holiday mode" and I get NOTHING done until I come back from Xmas break!!

Well, this is what happens with the retreat as well!!!

Will there be enough water.... coke.... don't forget Eileen's diet pepsi.... don't forget Karen's diet doctor pepper.... Did I remember to put the fryer on the list for Daisy??????  Did I call about the tables and chairs?????

Endless... but so exciting!  I sort of work myself into a lather!  LMAO!!!!  Less than two weeks now!!

Woo HOO!!!


  1. You are the world's best host. I was at Eileen's today and I saw her Keys 4 Art bag out on her chair. We're all in the mood!!

  2. I can't even imagine how excited you are looking at all the goodies because I am so excited just hearing about them. You are an amazing hostess and take such good care of all of us. Thanks for remembering my DDP. I'm getting goodies ready to fill that extra suitcase with. Any special request?

    1. Yes!!! Those awesome spicy chips you brought last year!!! LOVE those!