Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DAY 11.br

Hello ladies!!!

Going through our list of goodies and let Bernie choose which one to blog about!

So here you go!!

Ranger's 12x 12 Specialty Paper!

I LOVE this paper!  I had never used it and did so with Jacquie at a Wendy Vecchi class.  It is AMAZING!  It is particularly beautiful with alcohol inks so figured we could maybe use it with the techniques Daisy will be teaching us, cut them up and use them for our cards.

11 more sleeps as Lillian would say!


  1. i get one less sleep than you guys
    Have to leave at one in the morning and dont get to see Elena till 930 pm that night

  2. That reminds me of the Muppets Christmas Carol song.

    I have to look up this paper. Is it like the glossy paper? I wonder what makes it a specialty paper. Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Something in the coating makes it a great surface for many media, but especially for stamping. See my comment below.

  3. I cannot believe all of these goodies - this is amazing!!!

  4. I love this paper too! I've never used it for AIs, but do believe that it is the best for rubber stamping. You get the crispest, most amazing results. Perfect for stamping with permanent ink and then coloring with inks, markers, pastels, etc. Can't wait to try it with Daisy's technique.
    By the way, in case anyone didn't know, Ranger gets this paper from LaBlanche, the German stamp company that makes those amazing silicon stamps. They just have a deal to market it under the Ranger name, but it is one and the same as the LaBlanche paper.
    Thank you so much Elena for treating us like crafting royalty!