Saturday, February 23, 2013

DAY 14

Okay, so Teri suggested an advent calendar of sorts counting down the day to the retreat. Yesterday, day (Before retreat!!), we found out we have the entire Julie Nutting stamp collection including all the girls, her border stamps, an acrylic block and the tag pad.

My sincere love and thanks goes out to Julie.  She bought them from Prima for herself and gave it to me at half the price it would have otherwise cost!  We love you Julie!!! Thank you!!!

Okay, so day so which one should I uncover??????  Okay here goes:

Gelli Plates
size 6x6 and 8x10!!

I had bought the 6x6 because the 8x10 were on back order.  When I saw them I realized they were card size!!!  So as soon as they got them back in stock I ordered the 8x10!  So now we have one for card backgrounds or for smaller projects and the 8x10 for bigger projects!!



  1. Wow wow wow. Amazing!!! I love the idea of the smaller one for cards or tags. woohoo!

  2. Love the litte bitty gelli plate. I will make sure to bring my little bitty brayer! I am so grateful to be the recipient of Elena's generosity!!