Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have pre-ordered Tim Holt's new acrylic paints (all 24 of them!!!) for myself and thought it would make a GREAT give away for the retreat so ordered another set!!

Whose name will come out of the bag??????  Who will win the paints????? Too exciting!


  1. Again.....thank you, you crazy generous lady!

  2. Just to let you know...I'm planning to be the winner. No others need apply.

  3. Nice try, blondie! How cool just to play with the paints! Wheee! Let the winnings begin! Hey, we are all winners. What a fabulous retreat this will be!!

  4. Forget it Teri and Lill!!!!!!! Hands off!!!!!
    Geez,Elena! How generous of you,mama! You Do So spoil us!
    I agree with Pat: We are all winners just to be able to attend this wonderful retreat . We all have been through alot together in the last 4 years,right???!! Lots of happiness,sadness,trauma,illness,joy... But our friendship has remained the constant joy. I think this group has a very special bond,and has from the very very beginning. !Your friendship means so much.