Thursday, January 10, 2013


Two months????  59 days????  How the hell did THAT happen????

I have only gotten a grocery list from Daisy!!  LADIES,  please send me your lists!

Now, we need to be a little coordinated here!!!   We need to list all the classes IN ONE PLACE, who is teaching, the length of the class and what day it will be taught. That way we can make a schedule.  Obviously nothing will be written in stone but things run more smoothly that way.

I will create a database in the group for the classes.

Jacquie will make dinner on Monday - she is making Cuban food that I know you will all like.

Please choose the dates you want to cook dinner/lunch.   I will create a database in the group.

59 DAYS????  Don't blink!

1 comment:

  1. Elena
    Since I am local I will buy my food for Cuban Night and bring it along. Ladies think pork and mojitos!!!!! I am assuming no one as food allergies...especially not to garlic!!!