Thursday, January 3, 2013


How the hell did THAT happen???? Didn't we just have our retreat???? Lord!  Time really needs to slow down!

Okay, so how are we all doing with the classes?  Do we know who is teaching what and what materials to have?

Ladies it's right around the corner!!!

I need grocery lists from everyone who needs me to pick up groceries for their dinner night!  I know Karen must have diet Dr. Pepper but I don't know what anyone else wants!

COME ON!!  Christmas is now over and you all have to get with the program here!  I am so damned excited about this year!!!  Can you tell????

I have a crazy idea!  How about making cards one day?  I love them and have only made a few in my life!  I have TONS of stamps that we can use for cards .....  anyone?  We can even make Xmas cards for 2013!!!  How incredibly accomplished would we feel???


  1. I figure if we do cards or tags it would give us something fun to do and complete!

  2. It really is pretty unbelievable that the time is almost here. woohoo!!

  3. Yes, let's make cards and send them to everyone who didn't come this year! Actually, we can use the paper we make with the Gelli Plates on our cards. This will be fun!

  4. That is a great idea Pat! I had not even thought about using the gelli plate backgrounds for cards!!

    Are u beung mean to those that will miss it this year??? Rubbing it in maybe???