Thursday, November 21, 2013


We always get a few gifts at this event. They are things that I choose because I believe they will make you happy! I want to do it differently this year. Instead of just choosing everything that catches my eye, I'd like to choose things we will actually be using at the retreat. I would ask that you guys be very specific as to what we want to do at the retreat. Make sense?


  1. What I want to do is make art surrounded by some pretty amazing women! Elena's focus on relating the gift to our projects is wonderful. Yet, almost everything I have received in the past has been used in my art. Last year's treasure trove enabled me to get my gelli plate on in a BIG way. And no one can ever forget the best glue E.V.E.R!!

  2. I want to say that the greatest gift for me is spending a week with the best artsy friends in the world, far away from all my troubles. But, knowing Elena, she will want to buy stuff anyway. So, I echo Pat.....anything will be icing on an already delicious cake, and anything will be appreciated and loved.